VR Cannabis Impairment Study

Vitalabs is currently seeking participants for a cannabis impairment study using a Virtual Reality (VR) device.

Who can participate? What will you need?

You must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have used cannabis at least one time prior.
  • Have access to legal cannabis.
  • Provide your own cannabis bought from a regulated Canadian store. The cannabis you consume for this study must contain at least 15% THC.

How is the study performed?

  1. After you enroll and sign the informed consent form, you will be scheduled for an in-clinic test.
  2. Participants with then be fitted with the investgational device and then do a baseline test prior to using cannabis.
  3. The participant will then consume the cannabis via inhalation (smoking, vaping, etc.) outside in a legally designated area under supervision of a study staff member.
  4. The participant will then be tested four more times after cannabis consumption.

Will I be compensated?

Yes. Participation is compensated $100 upon completion of the study.

About us

Vitalabs is a clinical research facility conveniently situated in Yorkville, downtown Toronto. We work with well-recognized brands and leading global suppliers across many different industries. Vitalabs actively seeks and welcomes volunteers from the Toronto area to participate in clinical research trials involving products categories such as medical devices, therapeutics, cosmetics, functional foods, dietary supplements & natural health products, and much more, at our clinic. Our clinical research participants are assessed for eligibility by friendly medical staff and help to drive the research behind new product development, health claim substantiation, and increased consumer confidence.

VR Cannabis Impairment study

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